The launce of EUREPGAP΄s General Regulations in Greek

The Translation & Localisation Dept. of DKG Consulting Ltd in collaboration with TUV HELLAS/AGRISYSTEMS Dept., keeping their commitment for high quality and reliable services, they’ve delivered to the public the “General Regulations” (last document of EUREPGAP protocol on Fruits and Vegetables) completing in such a way the translation in Greek language
the whole series of the documents. You can download these documents from EUREP’s web site ( free of charge.

The EUREP appreciating the contribution and the professionalism of DKG/TUVHELLAS team, assigned also the translation of its IFA (Integrated Farm Assurance) documents. The translation of these particular documents constitutes a useful tool for those who are involved in the implementation and Certification according to EUREPGAP protocol within the chain of agricultural production (farmers, advisers, certification bodies, exporters etc) in Greece and Cyprus.