We are reporting in line with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines in the areas of economic, environmental, social and governance performance.

We are also aligned with the principles set forth by the UN Global Compact, which encourages the adoption and reporting of sustainable and socially responsible policies. These principles guide us in our approach to Corporate Responsibility and how we communicate our progress.

We aim to be the best-in-class in Corporate Responsibility in the Fresh Produce Industry and believe that by responsibly managing our environmental and social impacts, DKG Group will be a more sustainable business in the long term. Through our Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility programs, we regularly introduce new ways of working to improve efficiencies, reduce our international footprint and support grower communities and other partners.

Our Corporate Responsibility program comprises five pillars that reflect our principal areas of activity. The pillars are Marketplace, Environment, Health and Safety, People and Community Involvement. Looking at last year’s performance, there are a number of success stories within these five pillars.

 Digital communication has become increasingly important in marketing campaigns, and we have made great strides in our Marketplace pillar to ensure all of our digital marketing adheres to our strict responsible marketing standards.

 In the area of Environment, Health and Safety, our environmental performance continues to improve, with more efficient use of water and energy and reduced greenhouse gas emissions per unit of production. Our newly developed environmental sustainability strategy will support ongoing progress, not only in our operations, but also in our wider value chain.

 We have been consolidating progress in the area of Community Involvement. Overall, there have been some excellent achievements across DKG Group in the last fiscal year, a performance that would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of our employees.

 Our challenge moving forward is to keep up our momentum by continuing to seek improvements in how we work and by embedding Corporate Responsibility in all aspects of our business and in our wider value chain.

 As ever, your feedback on any aspect of Corporate Responsibility at DKG Group is most welcome