The hydroponic MarouliBest© solution designed by the DKG Group in collaboration with the IRTC (International Research and Training Centre for Sustainability) under the philosophy of Total Greenhouse Management. 

The hydroponic “MarouliBest” solution has been applied in greenhouses in the Greek market in the last 8 years and has achieved in some cases the vision of producers, 8 crop cycles per year.

Regarding the planting densities exceed 15.000 pieces per acre and the production system is in 2 levels. 

The products are ready for consumption without need washing. The result is a perfectly normal process and most importantly, from producers fully qualified, who comply with strict procedures.

The DKG Group provides help either to the production or to the support and the marketing of products through its hydroponic growers association Green Club® a a Reputation Management Growers Association or other marketing channels.


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