General food market characteristics show an increasing need for higher productivity per hectare. As the world population is rapidly growing, so are its needs for food, leading to an increasing need for additional areas and facilities for food production. As economic prosperity grows in many regions, the demand for high quality food also increases. Statistics show growing export and import flows of horticultural produce (vegetables, fruits, flowers and plants), with transportation costs now forming a substantial part of cost prices. These factors provide new opportunities for agro-industrial business. DKG provides a very interesting solution to capitalize on these new opportunities. We focus on business partners and entrepreneurs who are willing to play a decisive role in a new and rapidly growing form of high-quality agricultural business.

Total Greenhouse Management is DKG’s approach to greenhouse sector. TGM’s pillars are:

1. Hydroponic Produce 
2. Sustainable Growing Practices 
3. Good Agricultural Practices /Food Safety 

Planning and business efficiency

Our experienced cultivation advisors work with the customers or their consultants to make important decisions about cultivation practises, choice of variety, water treatment systems, disinfection methods and crop protection strategies. 

Our Approach: Full Service

The DKG concept comes in 3 phases and includes the following products and services:

Project Development Phase


Site selection

Basic engineering to local climate and site conditions

Contracts for sales and marketing

Feasibility study and project specifications

Financing of investments 
Building Phase

Detailed engineering of greenhouses and installations

Set-up and implementation of greenhouses, energy plant and climate equipment (turn key)

Training of staff 

Operations Phase

Local management of greenhouse operation (general and cultivation management)

Cultivation support

On-line access to knowledge bank

Supply of the best seeds / young plants, fertilisers etc. advices

Maintenance of equipment advise

Access to markets

Quality improvement programs: periodical analyses and advice

Our full service concept does not only provide the best in greenhouse technology, but also guarantees our active commitment during greenhouse operation. This ensures optimum results of investments made.

We also have the expertise to go one step further and assess which production chain offers the highest return. From this we can adapt your own production strategy to bring higher returns.

Furthermore we can calculate the effect of an investment and apply this to the total production chain, taking into account current budgets, in order to generate the healthiest profit possible.