DKG Group launches e-Gro platform of GRODAN in Greece

DKG Group launches e-Gro platform of GRODAN in Greece

For 27 years we have been dealing with Total Greenhouse Management. During all these years we had the pleasure to introduce in the Greek market some innovations such as the Hydroponic method (1993),  the Certification of production (2001), some specialties products (truss tomatoes 1994 & snack tomatoes 2010),  a unique solution (hydroponic strawberry), the vertical living hydroponic walls (2017) and the Branding Approach to the Fresh Agricultural Produce sector (1995).

These innovations have changed the profile of the industry. But this did not happen by itself. This is because some People (Scientists, Producers and Entrepreneurs) believed in and invested in them.

The years have passed and the Greenhouse sector in Greece managed to convince the society that it does not produce commodities (simple agricultural products) but Food of High Nutritional Value. And some scientists, agronomists and professionals, have contributed a lot.

And here comes the question. And now what;

With the courage given to us by our many years of involvement with the industry as well as our 25+ years of cooperation with one of the most innovative companies in the industry worldwide – the GRODAN Group- we do believe that the future of our industry goes towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms and data driven decisions  on Precision Cultivation.

One such platform is GRODAN’s “e-Gro“.

Considering that this is also an innovation that will drastically affect the industry in the near future, we took the initiative to organize an online presentation exclusively for a group of scientists / professionals representing the top-10 innovative companies in Greece who have shaped the sector the last 15 years, who can understand the future of the industry as they have been dealing with both cultivation and data management for years (climate computers, crop registration etc).

The webinar co-organized with the e-Gro Team of Grodan and took place on Friday 6/11/2020 .The webinar was divided in 2 sections. The presentation by Paulina Florax and the e-Gro platform demo by Emilia Bosak. Welcome message was given by Evagelos Drimtzias & Niels Mathlener while Christos D. Katsanos acted as the moderator. During the webinar the participants had the opportunity to ask questions and sharing their views about the future of the sector.

Special thanks to Paulina, Emilia and Niels for their contribution.

Warm thanks to Artemis Lazaridou (Drama Greenhouses), Arsenis Piskilopoulos (Thrace Greenhouses), Tatiana & Loukas Skretis (Wonderplant SA), Christina Papaioannou, Ioannis Giannakidis and Kostas Cholidis (Agrtitex Energy SA), Damianos Kintzonidis (Agris SA), Giannis Kadoglou & Theodore Savvidis ( Sanvvidis Greenhoues), Spiros Soldatos (Karditsa Gardens), Dimitris Zogopoulos (Georgiki Anaptixi), Pantelis Lambrou (Agan Greenhouses), Manos Antonakis (Syntagi Progress), Sofia Tsagkaraki and Georgios Lyviakis (IQ Crops)  for accepting our invitation. 


For the DKG Group,


Evagelos Drimtzias  &  Christos D. Katsanos

Co-Founder                    Cp-Founder