12 delegates from 9 Countries representing North America & Export Markets (NAEX) of GRODAN GROUP were able to participate in a unique opportunity to define Departmental Goals and Strategies for 2009 at NAEX Strategy Session in Athens on 13/14 January.

In a highly participative approach the following issues were presented and discussed:

  • Team building 
  • Ensuring implementation of the new strategy
  • Implement Group uniform procedures
  • Empower Customer Service
  • Market mapping and segmentation
  • Implement conversion to Next Generation products throughout NAEX
  • Ensure training of NAEX sales force in value-based selling
Photo (from right to left) : Yakup Tolga Coskun (Turkey), Evagelos Drimtzias (Balkan Countries, Cyprus and Egypt), Chris Marshall (Business Manager – USA, Canada and Mexico), Robert Nowaczyk (Poland), Hans Jorgen Jensen (Turn Key Manager worldwide), Erwin Prince (Business Director), Dr. Andrew Lee (Business Support Manager – UK), Stig Nielsen (Business Manager Exports -Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Mediterranean Countries), William van de Riet (Marketing Manager Services), Alfredo Garcia Pareja (Spain, Portugal, Morocco), Christos D. Katsanos (Greece et al).