After the last Decisions of World Organisation of Trade, massive imports of cheap fresh products from the third countries are expected.

It is obvious that what is necessary to be done, is to obtain the right strategy and preparation to face the coming season – a season that will be characterised by tough international competition, due to the cheap imported goods from the third countries.

This strategy determines a policy of priority to the competition, in terms of quality and not in terms of prices.

For the first time, a conference which concerns the agricultural sector, will deal only with the specialised subject of quality of fresh horticultural products, from production up to consumption. This fact, in combination with the long duration of the conference (3 days), implies that it will not be a monologue which will finish with wishes, but it will be a conference of active participation that will show the way for changes in the mentality of people, as well as, in the way of action.

In this conference DKG will participate via its Executive Director Christos D. Katsanos, invited speaker that he will present the topic “Geographical Origin & Quality Label of the Cretan vegetables” on Saturday 08 of July. For more information please click here.

Photo: Panelists : M. de Moore (LAVA) and Christos D. Katsanos (DKG)